Greetings, gentlenerds.

Kelly as a Sith Lord

Greetings, gentlenerds.

Kelly Shortridge is a Senior Principal Product Technologist at Fastly after serving as VP of all product things at an infosec startup. They're also author of the O'Reilly e-book on Security Chaos Engineering, founder of a startup that was acquired, and a former investment banker.

My cyberspace footprint

  • If you want to work with me, please refer to my professional site for inquiries, including consulting and advisory work. The website which you are viewing presently is optimized for swag rather than professional collaboration.
  • I have a blog with a mixture of intellectual shitposts, long-form articles applying behavioral economics to tech, infosec market analysis, reading lists, and other miscellany.
  • My Twitter account is a spicy take distribution mechanism.
  • For chipping away my soul one #thotlederhosen hashtag at a time, I have a LinkedIn account.
  • I published things related to Linux and security on my former company's blog.
  • If you want to put security decision trees into action, check out my (free) attack tree generator Deciduous.

Other things

  • Based in NYC, but often elsewhere
  • Graduated from Vassar College with a B.A. in Economics
  • Hobbies include worldbuilding, reading (especially sci fi & sci non-fi), open-world RPGs, international travel (RIP), writing long-form blog posts, appreciating NYC's artistic offerings, and playing fetch with my cat (Geralt)
  • I am addicted to Shouraku Matcha
  • I run the top secret publication "Return Oriented"